Game-changing Leaders

Game-changing Leaders
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DGMT – Super Stage – 100% IN

Category: Game-changing Leaders | Secure the environment for young people to lead | 22 January, 2013 - 15:45


Supernews was approached by the DG Murray Trust to use the Super Stage platform to crowd-source (via the student public), the reasons behind the 60% drop-out rate in SA, as well as ideas and solutions to these problems.

As an organisation, we learnt the importance of posing a challenge that students could relate to, identify with and be empowered to solve within their own context. Statistics outlining the problem – remained just that – statistics, but Super Stage helped give the problem a human face and empowered the very victims of drop-out to become the problem-solvers, themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to explore such an important issue which not only captivated the imagination of the student public, but the attention of academic leadership and decision-makers. In fact, the head of one of the institutions who attended the event (who had not been exposed to Super Stage beforehand), was so inspired that the very next day, he

  1. sent an email to all the staff asking them to start nurturing ‘design/change catalysts’ (namely individuals who want to change the world); and he
  2. asked lecturers to identify potential student drop-outs because he was going to employ a dedicated individual/ post-graduate to give them special attention to help counter this ongoing occurrence. (So watch this space)

Another university head is so interested in the 2nd runner up’s idea ( that he wants to implement it directly at his institution as a way to reduce the drop-out rate, amongst other things. (So watch this space)

As a result of such inspiring pitches, Super Stage decided to support not only the winners ( in implementing their idea, but the runner ups too, namely Funda ( and Equo.

For more info, please see:

  1. Super Stage 100% IN event in 3 min video clip:
  2. 100% IN news report:
  3. Runner’s up appear on SABC 2’s Hectic Nine 9: They have also recently won the World Summit Youth Award in the “Education for All” category of the United Nations Global Award for their use of technology in education
  4. Applause for Super Stage’s 100% IN challenge/event:

* Supernews is a Citizen-Generated News & Idea Network. Positioned  as the ‘Robin Hood’ of the news industry and the ‘Reuters’ of citizen-generated news, Supernews is literally creating a paradigm shift in our perception of South Africa and Africa by offering a more uplifting, innovative and solution-driven news perspective. Supernews in 1 min:


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In Short

Last year Supernews tried to get to the bottom of high educational drop-out by creating a platform for students to both identify reasons and possible solutions for the problem themselves.  Being a media organisation, they are sharing their story by illustrating it with various forms of media.  Be prepared to be impressed. 

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