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Inclusive, Enabling Communities

Inclusive, Enabling Communities

Masakhane Community Care

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Our vision…
A community where families build a bright future for their children.

Our mission…
To support, equip and empower families and to involve families in all work with children and youth.


Our values…
Healthy families, the well-being of children, family planning, skills development, team work.


Masakhane's work is directed at the following three areas:


  • A sustainable livelihoods programme which entailed training 20 community workers in organic vegetable production and how to access a market for their goods.
  • HIV and AIDS Awareness programme (which overlaps with the work done with families).


  • HIV and Aids support groups
  • Family group conferences (discussed later)
  • Family counselling
  • Parenting skills.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children:

  • OVC support 
  • Memory work.

Background / History:

Masakhane Community Care, established in 2003, is situated in the Ugu District Municipality near Port Shepstone. The area is defined as a Presidential Nodal Area, identifying it as amongst the poorest and most under-resourced areas in the country. 

History of Masakhane

Masakhane started in the heart Lindiwe Hlope. She saw the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS pandemic and how very little prevention work was being done in her community. The community is called Kwanzimakwe and Masakhane was established there in January 2003. The word “Masakhane” is zulu and means “Buildning each other.”

The committee saw the need for a community centre from which to work and found a site that they were able to purchase, with the help of the municipality of the Hibiscus Coast and their generous donation. By the end of 2006 the committee members finished the roof of the building and the community centre was in use. Since then, the organization has grown.

The community of Kwanzimakwe is situated in KwaZulu natal, South Africa. According to antenatal clinics the HIV infection rate is as high as 37%. Masakhane has over the last years been mainly been relying on volunteers to provide a valuable service. This did however always prove a challenge in terms of continuity and capacity to develop the organization and it’s programes. Masakhane were in October 2012 receiving a funding for running costs.

Masakhane did offer; home based care, HIV/AIDS support groups, youth work and assistance to orphans and vulnerable children. Masakhane’s vision and programmes have developed over the years according to the needs of the community of Kwanzimakwe. Masakhane stopped providing home based care and HIV/AIDS support groups in 2009, as other stakeholders provided such service. This decision was also made as Masakhane wanted to focus on develop their work with families and also specifically target youth at risk, orphans and vulnerable children.   

Today they offer;

Youth Development
Life Skills
HIV/AIDS awerness programmes
Child protection awerness programmes

Family camps
Home visits
Family group conferences
Family counseling

Orphans & Vulnerable children:
OVC Support groups
Counselling/ Memory work



Bhambula, KwaNzimakwe, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

 072 703 3606

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