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Inclusive, Enabling Communities

Inclusive, Enabling Communities

The Homestead Projects for Street Children

Category: Inclusive, Enabling Communities | Caring and protection of particularly vulnerable groups | 31 July, 2012 - 18:34



To get children off the streets and help them rebuild their lives and their futures.


  • Street work  
  • Intake shelters  
  • Residential and educational care 
  • Family reconstruction services 

Background / History:

The Homestead was established in 1982 in response to the plight of children living on the streets of Cape Town. The organisation was the first street children’s organization in South Africa. The vision of the organization is that no child should be living on streets. However, poverty and the social legacies of apartheid threaten family structure and many children leave home for the streets to escape hunger, neglect, abuse, domestic violence and school failure. The organisation’s services include street outreach, drop-in centres, an intake shelter and a child and youth care centre. They have developed a model with an integrated continuum of on- and off-street projects, each with objectives designed to meet the needs of different children at different stages of the process of family disintegration or reintegration. The model caters for boys between the ages of 6 and 18 years and has been recognized by the National Department of Social Development as a best practice.

150 Strand Street, Cape Town Western Cape South Africa

 (021) 419 9763

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