Leadership for a winning nation

Leadership for a winning nationThe approach of the Leadership for a Winning Nation portfolio is underpinned by a belief that young people have the potential to make a major impact on their communities and the country. In order to support young people to have this impact, DGMT supports programmes that promote innovation and problem-solving for the public good, platforms and opportunities that open space for young people to take action, and networks that increase their social capital to drive innovation and reduce their risk tolerance. Leadership development is not simply a process of developing individual young peoples’ skills, but rather requires a combination of personal development, learning-by-doing, and access to real and imminent possibility in order for young people to drive of system-wide community and social innovation. You can read more about this portfolio here…


  • A flagship national youth leadership programme to develop a network of at least 1,000 young leaders committed to public innovation
  • An environment/platform for young people to lead
  • Support for youth leadership pipelines
  • Investment in programmes that connect young people to opportunity and influence

DGMT Focus Areas

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Education to read and write
  • Connection to opportunity
  • Leadership for a winning nation
  • Inclusion of those most left out

Learning Briefs

Organisations produce learning briefs in which they document their lessons learned in implementing their programmes. Choose a learning brief to read from their profiles or from the list below:

Resource Library

The communal resource library is a space where DGMT, our grantees and others can access and upload documents and links that are of relevance for the aims being addressed through the portfolio. You can access the documents below and add to the library if you are logged-­in to the website.
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